Immortal Concepts Studios is open for business!

Big news! Were open for business (insert cricket noise here). Well, I thought I should make the announcement anyway to the three people who are reading this. So look, while we are ready to provide some awesome portraits for folks, we aren't just going to sit around waiting for people to knock on our door. We will be sharing our work, our philosophies on portraits and why you deserve more than just the standard head-and-shoulders pose that everyone else gets right here on this blog. We will also be sharing some ramblings about anything that we think might be of benefit to you or anything that we think is rather funny.

So to start off our blog, I will share an animated GIF that represents the core reason that the internet was invented.... the piano playing cat (and one of my own making thank you very much)!

Why did I feel the need to do this you ask... well nothing says "open for business" like a cat playing a piano (plus Tristan likes cats).

So anyway, keep an eye out for more posts from us and feel free to leave some comments (only positive though...this is our safe-space so no negativity dude). Until next time...

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