How we do what we do

We often get asked "how do you do that?" when someone sees one of our final portrait images or projects. Well, the answer is that we have a process that we follow that leads to great portraits and therefore happy customers. This process involves you the customer from the very beginning and allows you to not only have a voice in the creation of your beautiful portraits but to be comfortable and confident thru out it as well.

The Initial Consultation

We start with an introductory consultation where we have a casual meeting at our studio or over a cup of coffee and discuss what you are looking for in your portrait project, bounce around some ideas and go over what our print options and prices are. You may wonder why we need to meet before we discuss pricing, and that's a good question! The reason is that there are so many print options available that you really need to see what is available so that you can decide the direction you want to go with your project. At this point you may say “no thanks “ and we part ways happy to have known each other, but most likely you will decide that you want to move forward to get some awesome portraits and we set up your studio time.

The Studio Session

On your scheduled appointment time, you arrive at the studio and we get to work! But it’s really not

hard work, we have a lot of fun while taking some great pictures, maybe listen to some music and just work together to make some great images. We communicate a lot thru out the session, I’ll give you a lot of direction on posing, and help keep your session very easy going and fun. The studio session shouldn’t last more than a couple of hours and in that time we would have been able to have you in several different outfits and will have taken enough pictures to produce a number of awesome portrait options for you! At this time you will also pay your sitting fee and your minimum print order charge.

Post Production

Now my work really begins! I take the pictures that we took during our portrait session and use them to create a variety of different portrait concepts. If we discussed some specific ideas prior to and during the studio portion then I will definitely work on those. Often times after looking at the pictures we have taken, I will come up with some ideas that we didn’t think of before and work thru some of those concepts as well. Depending on the number of images that we determined you would want for the final project will determine the time it will take me to complete them. Typically, I have the final project completed and ready to show you within two weeks.

Senior Portrait of Jill

Project Complete

Once I have the project complete I have you come back to the studio where we review your awesome

new portraits and you chose what prints you want to order. When you order prints you also get a digital copy of the print image to use for sharing on social media. Your gallery is then put on our website so that if you want others to be able to order prints they will be able to as well. Your gallery is password protected so that only the people that you want to have access can see your pictures and order prints.

That's about it, hope that helps. As always, feel free to reach out to us via email, Facebook or our contact page to get more information. You can also get more information about Engagement and Bridal Portraits by clicking here, and Senior Portraits here.

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