It’s official! The Art of Cosplay book project is under way!

So as many of you know I have been working on my book called The Art of Cosplay which celebrates real cosplayers and their craft by presenting them in unique and character specific pieces of art.

Well, I am now officially announcing the launch of The Art of Cosplay which is scheduled to release March of 2019!

My goal for this book was to create images that are uniquely specific to individual cosplayers, giving life to the character they portray or even to showcase the cosplay they spent so much time and effort creating, and not to have the everyday pictures you typically see of them posing in a hallway or on the floor of some convention.

The Art of Cosplay features cosplayers from all over the country including Arizona, New England, California in a variety of cosplays from comics, anime, gaming, sci-fi, fantasy and some others that I didn’t even know existed!

Well, I am now officially announcing the project which is scheduled to release March of 2019.

So, what are the next steps you may ask?

Well that’s a very good question! Between now and when the book releases there will be a lot going on and there are several ways for you to keep up to date.

The first is this blog. I will be posting on this very Immortal Concepts Blog pretty regularly to keep everyone updated on the progress of the book.

Second is the Immortal Concepts Facebook page ( where I will be posting regular updates and even some giveaways to my followers as the project progresses.

Third is Instagram (@immortalconcepts) where similarly I will be posting updates and some cool artwork and sneak peeks throughout the process.

Lastly, the Art of Cosplay production Blog ( This is a special member only area for supporters of the book. This area will contain the really down and dirty backroom hijinks and highlights that take place in the production of this book. To gain access to this area you must be a Soldier Level donor or higher of the book via the upcoming Kickstarter campaign (stay tuned for details).

Does all this sound good?

I hope so!

This project has really grown from my appreciation of cosplayers and the hard work and skill that they put into their cosplays. Hopefully this book will demonstrate that appreciation as well as give you all a way to see cosplay in a totally different and unique way!

To find out more about The Art of Cosplay, go to the website

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